DECEMBER 24, 2009: Archbishop of York Condemns Anti-Gay Bill

Archbishop of York Condemns Anti-Gay Bill
The Archbishop of York has condemned an anti-homosexuality bill going through parliament in Uganda.

Dr John Sentamu, who was born in the African country, said the laws being debated were "victimising".

Under the plans gays and lesbians would be jailed for life if convicted of having sex, and gay people who had sex with a minor would be put to death.

Dr Sentamu told the BBC the Anglican communion was committed to recognising that gay people were valued by God.

Aid Threat

Under the bill, proposed by MP David Bahati, people who fail to report homosexuality face up to three years in jail.

Under its terms 'serial offenders' would face the death penalty.

Dr Sentamu told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I'm opposed to the death sentence. I'm also not happy when you describe people in the kind of language you find in this private member's bill."

He added it seemed not only victimising but also "a diminishment of the individuals concerned". ..
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