DECEMBER 14, 2009: U.S. To Help Fight LRA

U.S. to Help Fight Lord's Resistance Army
SOURCE: New Vision
By Wokorach-Oboi

Kampala — THE United States will co-operate with Uganda to fight the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels. The US ambassador, Jerry Lanier, said his government made a commitment to support the peace process in Uganda and would continue to honour it until total peace is realised.

He added that the US would also support Uganda in its quest for peace in Somalia.

He was responding to a request by the Kitgum resident district commissioner, Alfred Omony Ogaba, to the US and the international community to help eliminate the rebels.

"We are grateful that your efforts on Joseph Kony have brought peace to northern Uganda," Ogaba said.

He noted that although Kony is not in Uganda, he is still at large in the great lakes region and is destabilising peace and destroying lives and property there.

Ogaba appealed to the international community to help Sudan cope with its instability, arguing that if Sudan was not stable, its neighbours would not be peaceful either.

Lanier was on Friday presiding over the inauguration of Agoro Modern Market and Agricultural Store, built by Northern Uganda Transition Initiative.

The facilities are part of the US government's contribution to the economic recovery of the war-ravaged region.

The US is supporting farmers by increasing their access to agro-business knowledge, improving the trading environment and markets through collective marketing committees.

"The hard work of rebuilding this land lies with you. Your effort gives us every reason to be confident that you will continue to rehabilitate your lives and that you will succeed," the ambassador said.

He added that he was glad most people had left IDP camps and were engaging in productive activities.

The Kitgum district chairman, John Komakech Ogwok, commended the US government for the support extended to them.