AUGUST 3, 2010: Former Rebel Kolo Wins NRM Seat

Former Rebel Kolo Wins NRM Seat

SOURCE: New Vision

By Chris Ocowun

Kampala — FORMER LRA chief spokesman Brig. Sam Kolo was elected unopposed as the NRM vice-chairman for the veterans league in Nwoya district.

Kolo said he was looking forward to becoming the MP for Nwoya county in 2016.

Kolo is a final-year student in Gulu University, pursuing a bachelors degree in business administration and management.

He said the NRM delegates had wanted him to become the chairman of the veterans' league so as to promote unity among LRA returnees and the community.

"This means that the reintegration of the former LRA rebels and healing process is taking place well," he remarked.

He said former rebels had been accepted in the community, given leadership positions and allowed to join political parties of their choice.

Kolo said he was looking forward to bigger political positions after completing his degree next year.

Kolo appealed to the rebels still in the bush to come back home and join the Government. He said there would be no revenge against them for their crimes.

Kolo surrendered to the UPDF in February 2005 with his two wives and an armed escort from Latwara hills on the Gulu-Kitgum border. He was about to be executed by Kony for talking peace when he defected to the UPDF.

Commenting about Kolo's achievement, the UPDF 4th Division intelligence officer, Maj. Victor Opera, added that another former LRA rebel, Lt. Jackson Acama, was elected secretary for publicity for people with disabilities.

"This is a sign of healing within the community; even those who tormented them can be given leadership positions," Opera noted.

Richard Todwong, the special presidential adviser who was elected as the chairman of the entrepreneurship league, said the election of former rebels indicated the community's forgiving spirit.

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