AUGUST 27, 2009: AU to Hold October Summit on Refugees and Displaced

AU to Hold October Summit on Refugees and Displaced

SOURCE: Voice of America (VOA)

By Joe De Capua

Conflict and natural disasters have created many internally displaced people (IDPs) and refugees in Africa. In October, the African Union will hold a summit in Uganda on developing a unified policy to deal with humanitarian crises – something called the Kampala Convention.

Millions of people were displaced in northern Uganda by the long war between the government and LRA rebels, led by Joseph Kony.

Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere is Uganda's minister of relief and disaster preparedness and refugees and a former refugee himself. From Kampala, he says helping those forced from their homes is a huge problem for many countries.

"The figure is such a big thing. You know, we are talking (about) over 17 million people affected by displacement of one kind or another – natural and man-made. And this is a lot of people to be in misery," he says...

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