AUGUST 27, 2009: Ugandan Rebel Group Motives Unclear As Terror Campaign Expands

Ugandan Rebel Group Motives Unclear As Terror Campaign Expands

SOURCE: Vice of America (VOA)

By Alan Boswell

The Ugandan rebel group Lord's Resistance Army is increasingly venturing out from its new base in the Democratic Republic of Congo into neighboring South Sudan and the Central African Republic, expanding what was already a transnational conflict. While humanitarian groups call attention to the plight of the locals terrorized by the LRA, analysts struggle to explain what strategy - if any - is driving the rebel group's movements.

The guerrilla group led by international fugitive Joseph Kony is perhaps best known for its tactic of abducting children to replenish its ranks and for its leader's mysterious claims to being a prophet of God.

The LRA began intensifying civilian attacks in the DRC a year ago, but the group is now regularly crossing the border into neighboring Central African Republic and the Western Equatorial region of southern Sudan.

David Nthengwe, a spokesman for the United Nations agency UNHCR based in eastern Congo, says that approximately 400,000 have been displaced in the region by the LRA in the past year.

He says the brutal attacks are usually carried out by small bands of LRA guerillas who loot the towns and leave little in their wake...

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