AUGUST 21, 2009: GoU Continues Peace Talks With ADF/NALU

MONUC Facilitates a Second Meeting Between the Government of Uganda and ADF/NALU Representatives


Kinshasa 21 August 2009 - The Delegations of the Government of UGANDA (GoUganda) led by the Head of Political Affairs of the Ugandan Embassy in Kinshasa (DRC), Mr. Steven Muhumuza, and of the ADF/NALU, led by Mr. Lukwago Mwana, the Chief of Staff of ADF/NALU, on 18th-20th August 2009 met in Kisangani under the auspices of the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC), in continuation of their discussions concerning the search for peaceful solutions to the conflict between the ADF/NALU and the Government of Uganda.

In the meeting, the DRC Government was represented by officials from the PNDDR (Programme National de Désarmement, Démobilisation et Réinsertion ) and the FARDC (Forces armées nationales de la République Démocratique du Congo).

During the meeting, both parties (GoUganda and ADF/NALU) agreed on the following:

1. To continue the dialogue under the auspices of MONUC and to formally constitute their respective negotiation teams.

2. ADF/NALU agreed to release 34 Ugandan combatants with their dependants and 31 Congolese combatants within their ranks by 20th September 2009. This process will be facilitated by the DDRRR section of MONUC and the PNDDR respectively in conformity with the established criterion and procedures.

3. The Government of Uganda and ADF/NALU delegations and MONUC will jointly visit Kamango (DRC) and Kilembe-Kasese (Uganda) sites proposed as Transit and Reception Centers, for the ADF/NALU combatants and their dependents in conformity with the Ugandan Amnesty Commission Programme.

4. To convene their next meeting in Kisangani before the end of September 2009, in order to evaluate the progress on the agreed issues and establish calendar for further talks.