AUGUST 26, 2009: Central African Republic Trapped by Events of June 6

Central African Republic Trapped by Events of June 6


BIRAO, 26 August 2009 (IRIN) - As head of the village, Omar Foto feels responsible for more than 40 families now sheltering in an improvised camp inside Birao, in the far north. "We are blocked in here," Foto told IRIN. "It's not safe to go 2km outside Birao. I am extremely unhappy here. There is not enough to eat. The children are traumatized. This is not where they would normally sleep. Their school has been destroyed."

The small-scale farming and fishing that had kept his people together was no longer possible. "There is nothing working," he emphasized...

LRA Attacks

Kai-Kai said agencies such as WFP were constantly having to factor in new emergencies and security problems in making their projections, noting reports of new attacks by the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) around Obo in the southeastern prefecture of Haut-Mbomou.

Alexis Mbolinani of the United Youth for the Protection of the Environment and Community (JUPEDEC), which is active in the southeast, said the LRA attacks had had a devastating impact. "When the LRA come, they take everything," Mbolinani told IRIN. "They create fear among the population. They abduct people, they rape our women. There is nobody living 3km outside Obo. They have raided all the food stocks. There is a real food security problem there."

CAR's Minister of Planning, Economy and International Cooperation, Sylvain Maliko, said developments in the southeast highlighted the country's vulnerability to spillover effects from its volatile neighbours. "We don't have the capacity to address these conflicts," Maliko told IRIN, while emphasising that the CAR's internal security situation had improved significantly...

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