AUGUST 20, 2010: UGANDA Food Security Outlook Update August 2010

UGANDA Food Security Outlook Update August 2010

SOURCE: Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET)

Improvement in food security conditions expected in Karamoja

Key Messages

--Good rains throughout the cropping season in Karamoja are expected to result in above-average harvests of staple foods in September and October, improving food availability. In addition, good rangelands conditions are expected to ensure access to adequate milk for pastoral and agropastoral households through December.

--Good first season harvests in bimodal areas, including northern Uganda, have resulted in a decline in staple prices as the supply of food commodities to markets increases. This is likely to ensure food access for poor households that will rely on market purchases when stocks run low in October before the second season harvest expected in November/December.

--Evolving La Niña weather conditions are likely to result in enhanced rainfall across the country, benefitting second season crops. However, above-average rainfall could lead to landslides and flooding in flood-prone areas in eastern Uganda.

--Due to the good first season harvests, expectations for above-average second season harvests, and the likelihood of enhanced rainfall because of La Niña, no acute food insecurity is expected during the October to December period. However, many households in Karamoja and in northern Uganda remain at risk of food insecurity due to the impacts of several previous poor seasons, and limited resources available to sustain livelihoods.

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