AUGUST 2, 2010: Uganda Food Security Outlook, July to December 2010

Uganda Food Security Outlook, July to December 2010

SOURCE: Famine Early Warning System Network (FEWS NET)

An estimated 610,000 people, or 55 percent of the population in Karamoja, are currently moderately food insecure and received food assistance in June 2010. Due to good rangeland and crop conditions since March, and the forecast of favorable rains in July and August, food security conditions are expected to improve from September to December with the availability of harvests, although most households will remain moderately food insecure. Food assistance is not expected to be needed in Karamoja beginning in September 2010. This marks a distinct improvement over the same period in 2009, when nearly all of the population of Karamoja was receiving food aid.

- Household food access in northern Uganda has increased due to good first season rains (MarchJuly) that increased incomeearning opportunities for poor households, and to greater food availability as harvests started to come in. Nonetheless, moderate food insecurity will continue through December due to the low resource base that has constrained sustenance of livelihoods after displacement due to prolonged conflict. Households will meet basic food needs by relying on unsustainable sales of charcoal and firewood.

- The rest of the country is generally food secure, as first season harvests improve household food stocks, market supplies, and income. Second season planting in these bimodal areas is expected to begin in August/September and the harvests are expected in November/December. The rest of the country is therefore expected to remain food secure throughout the outlook period.

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