AUGUST 19, 2010: MP Tables List of Dead Karimojong

MP Tables List of Dead Karimojong

SOURCE: The Monitor

By Tabu Butagira, Yasiin Mugerwa & Steven Ariong

The dispute over alleged army atrocities in Karamoja should be investigated by Parliament, Upe MP Francis Kiyonga has said in a petition to Speaker Edward Ssekandi.

Mr Kiyonga, in a dossier sent to Mr Ssekandi on Tuesday, names 17 civilians (see list below) whom he alleges the elite Special Forces Group killed or badly tortured in the region in April and May.

"Since the two sides of these stories (UPDF and our people's complaints are contradictory), the rest of Ugandans and the country at large are entitled to have the truth," Mr Kiyonga wrote.

"One way of doing that is by this August House getting a public investigative inquiry on this matter." The UPDF has since refuted the allegations, saying Mr Kiyonga has a history of cattle-rustling and fears losing political favour as the ongoing disarmament exercise registers success.

Yesterday, Mr Ssekandi blocked Kasilo MP Elijah Okupa from demanding an explanation from the Ministry of Defence over the reported horrendous acts which he raised on the floor as a "matter of national significance".

"I know about that matter and yesterday, I had a meeting with Honourables Kiyonga and Cecilia Ogwal (Ind.; Dokolo Woman) and we agreed to handle this matter," the Speaker ruled, without giving specifics.

Yesterday, Kotido Resident District Commissioner Alex Achia said eight warriors are on average killed in army offensives and inter-ethnic cattle raids each week.

"The rate of death of karatunas (warriors) in Kotido has been high with eight or nine dying every week in either military operations or (fights) among themselves," said Mr Achia.

He said the intensified UPDF offensive in the area has calmed cattle rustling activities pitting mainly the Jie against the Matheniko and Pian ethnicities.


Lopoya Loritang, Loyaraboth councilor

Atodoriwo Payang, Loroo Sub-County

Lolik Payang (Atodoriwo's brother)

Limakwang Etuduny, Kanginwe clan

Loesengoria Poghiso, Ka-Lukumong clan

Logwale, of Lomuriebul

Losogol Lokiru (allegedly killed at Abeleny)

Loitanyang Oloo Lokrole, Kakarial clan

Limakwang of Nuat village

Lokwapale Riteluk, Loroo village

Naleen Amunyo, Ka-mroon clan

Longariakomol Loperole, Kakunur clan

Mzee Lobeyoiy, Losidok village

Chepokrello Chekun, Kamorinyang village

Lokodet, Loroo Parish

Longorialima, Kalemungole (disabled in ambush)

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