AUGUST 18, 2009: Women Score High Against Gender Based Violence

Women Score High Against Gender Based Violence

SOURCE: Inter Press Service News Agency

By Evelyn Matsamura Kiapi

Kampala — Women are celebrating a hard-won victory for gender rights after intense public protests led to today's re-arrest of the country's police boss - a self-confessed wife-killer.

It took one shot, a bullet through the eye, to end Christine Apolot's life.

 And even though her police commander husband confessed to the crime and handed himself and the murder weapon over to the police, he still was not charged with her murder. Instead, he was granted bail. The reason: one of the six witnesses in the case was too scared to testify.

It was a move that left gender groups asking if the justice system in Uganda could really protect the rights of victims of domestic violence. They wanted to know if women are really safe in their homes and in their relationships.

But in a surprising turn of events - believed to be due largely to the protests of gender groups in the country - District Police Commander, James Peter Aurien, was re-arrested for the murder of his wife this today...

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