AUGUST 18, 2009: Gaddafi Invites Leaders for Summit on African Peace and Security

Gaddafi Invites African Leaders for Special AU Summit

SOURCE: Daily Nation

By Argaw Ashine

Addis Abbaba — Libyan leader and current chairman of African Union (AU), Muammar Gaddafi is scheduled to hold an extensive dialogue on peace and security in Africa this month in Tripoli.

Sources from AU headquarters in Addis Ababa told the Nation that the continental peace and security special conference is scheduled for August 30-31, 2009 in Libya's capital Tripoli.

According to an AU document, Somalia, Darfur and Great Lakes region as well as post-election violence and unconstitutional regime changes in some African nations will be tabled for discussion.

The special session will review the various conflict and crisis situations in Africa and look at ways and means of ensuring the effective implementation of the decisions adopted by the AU policy organs on respective issues...

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