AUGUST 12, 2010: RDC Recalls Guns Given to Politicians

RDC Recalls Guns Given to Politicians

SOURCE: The Monitor

By James Eriku

The Gulu Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Mr Milton Odong, has issued an order to have all politicians in the region disarmed following the return of peace.

Several politicians were given guns at the height of the Lord's Resistance Army war.

Mr Odong issued the directive on Tuesday in a letter addressed to the UPDF's 4 Division administration and copied to the Ministers of Defence, Internal Affairs, Security and that of Presidency.

"Now that there is total peace in Acholi sub-region, I am directing you to urgently disarm the following people," the letter reads in part.

The list includes Mr Max Omeda, the former RDC now in Soroti, Pader LC5 chief Tony Olanya Okello, former assistant RDC late Emmanuel Owiny and Luis Otika, a former RDC.

The directive followed allegations that a former LC3 chairman of Butangira Sub-county shot a senior six student over a girlfriend in Laliya.

Mr Odong said the directive is also in line with earlier district security committee resolutions that all guns in the hands of civilians be handed over to the government.

"Many of these guns are being used for harassing civilians, robbing the returning IDPs and hunting animals in the parks," he said.

He warned that force would be used on those who would hesitate to surrender the guns while for those who have since died; he said the relatives should be asked to surrender the ammunition.

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