ARLPI Launches New Land Mitigation Project in Amuru and Pader

ARLPI Launches Land Conflict Mitigation Project in Amuru and Pader

LACOR, AMURU- On June 10th, 2009 the Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) launched a new Land Conflict Mitigation Project aimed at bringing the various structures mandated to resolve land conflict to work in coordination to prevent the use of violence in the region.

The district of Amuru has been often been in the spotlight regarding the prevalence of land wrangles in the area which has been a contributing factor to the lower return rate of IDP’s compared to other districts.

According to Hon. Okello Patrick, Vice Chairperson of Amuru District Local Government, Amuru’s biggest challenge on land is, “due to the different pronouncements of fertility, productivity, oil and minerals which has motivated all Ugandans and other outsiders to come there.”

As people have learned that their primary source of wealth is in the land, the importance placed on securing land ownership has resulted in a number of violent conflicts.

While the government of Uganda has given authority to a number of structures to resolve land conflict including Ker Kwaro Acholi, Area Land Committees, Sub County Courts, and LCII’s, their coordination and information sharing has been lacking resulting in prolonged conflicts often leading to escalation.

To meet this challenge, the ARLPI aims to bring the structures together to better learn their roles, responsibilities and limitations and to facilitate the formation of a team of members to work together to provide accurate information to communities.

ARLPI‘s Vice Chairman, Shiek Musa Khalil, gave the assurance that ARLPI will work to foster unity and reconciliation among the leaders to meet this challenge.

The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) funded project will run in the 4 sub-counties in Amuru and 2 in Pader for the next 6 months with the hope of expansion to other sub-counties upon completion.