APRIL 27, 2010: DeClassified Report: LRA Missiles Target UPDF Gunships

DeClassified Report: LRA Missiles Target UPDF Gunships
*Please note this report is from 2004 UPDF Military Intellegence, and only recently declassified*
SOURCE: Independent

Kampala — TO: Ag. DGISO.



DT: 3/10/04.

1. Otti, Abudema, Odyambo, Ocan Bunia, Angola, Dominic, Lapanyikwara, Lamola, Kapere, Labongo, Okuti and Okulu were all on air.

2. Otti;

Revealed to Labalpiny that he survived by God's mercy in the recent attack on him in Kilak hills because the first four people who were in front of him were all killed. That while moving from Kilak hills towards Alero, he entered a very long ambush of about 8 km long. That UPDF had laid that ambush permanently and had a force that brings them food. That Onek, Okwera and his wife plus one soldier were killed; his signaller Opiro and another woman got injured. He claimed that he never sustained any injury but lost the following to UPDF; radio set, walk talkie, satellite phone, 3 MTN phones, 03 SMGs, his silencer pistol, 01 PKM gun and Ushs 2.6 millions.

Commented that the way he lost those weapons is the way they acquired them so it should not worry anybody since he is still alive he vowed to get them. That God will one day help them hit and destroy the gunship; this was after Dominic reported that he narrowly missed hitting the gunship with a missile.

Instructed Angola to concentrate seriously on hitting the gunship.

Commented that Kony's two wives Sandra and Oyello who were captured by UPDF recently talked a lot of lies about Kony on Mega FM yesterday (2/10/04).

Asked Labalpiny to prescribe local medicine for a certain lady who was injured in the buttocks six days ago and the bullet wound is so bad that she may not survive.

Told Labongo to buy bed sheets, ladies dresses plus more items for Kony as he is badly off since all his property were charged by UPDF and also a bag for him (Otti) to carry his items.

He instructed Labongo to start serious operation and should struggle to destroy the gunship, which is a major problem now.

Praised Dominic's claim that he nearly shot down the gunship using the missile and stressed that all LRA should concentrate on that.

3. Lapanyikwara reported with low morale that his position has been seriously shelled and informed Abudema that he is not moving to the location as he directed because it is hostile, instead he will move to another location suggested by Abudema' s squad but Abudema told him that even that location is more hostile but should only move and dodge UPDF completely. He closed abruptly when reporting the losses he incurred this morning (3/10/04) saying his surrounding was hostile.

4 Abudema commented that God is there and he is sure one time the gunships that are disturbing them will all be destroyed. He told Okuti to collect Labongo's babysitter from Otim and they (Okuti and Labongo) meet in the RV they arranged some few days ago.

5. Angola informed Labalpiny that the location he sent to him is not safe so he (Labalpiny) should not pass there.

6. Dominic claims that he narrowly missed hitting the gunship with a missile because he miscalculated and was 30 minutes ahead otherwise he would have brought it down. He claims that LRA will win this war.

7. Ocan Bunia asked Abudema if he heard the shelling towards his position, but Abudema said he was far away and did not hear it.

8. Labongo reported that he has retrieved a battery and this time he will be full time on air. He claims that UPDF is near his position but cannot do anything to him. He said he has received 04 soldiers from Labalpiny and is waiting for one commander called Anywen then he will start moving to meet Labalpiny. He reported that commander Owiny whom he sent to buy items for Kony came with 06 T-shirts and 04 pairs of shoes but gave one pair to one of his commanders who is badly off.

9. Okulu told Labongo to buy him more pairs of shoes and he was on move because his surrounding was hostile.


It is most likely that Labalpiny was receiving Otti's report on behalf of Kony who is in concealment and does not want to talk on the radio for fear of being monitored and eventually hit by the gunship. Labongo's intention to move to Labalpiny after buying items for Kony is another possibility that Kony could be within a short range from Labalpiny.

Action taken and recommendations;

4th Div Co and concerned District Offices were all informed.

Ground intelligence should monitor the movements of Angola, Labalpiny and Labongo to disorganise them not to meet.

Forces following Lapanyikwara should be informed of their closeness with the enemy.

Ronnie Balya Lt.