APRIL 26, 2010: Otunnu - State House Wants More Radios to Apologise

Otunnu - State House Wants More Radios to Apologise
SOURCE: Monitor
By Mercy Nalugo and Sarah Gauvin
Kampala — State House has demanded an apology from all radio stations in northern Uganda which hosted the leader of the Uganda People's Congress, Mr Olara Otunnu, where he allegedly said that President Museveni aided the war in the region.

President Museveni's Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi yesterday told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that the radios have to apologise or face punitive action.

Mr Mirundi did not name the radios that are supposed to apologise. "We are demanding an apology from the radio stations that have aired Otunnu's statements and if they refuse, we take another step," Mr Mirundi said. He further demanded that Voice of Lango FM radio station, that recently apologised to issue fresh apologies because the apology that ran on its airwaves was not convincing.

Museveni innocent

"Neither President Museveni nor the National Resistance Army (NRA) now UPDF ever started the war in northern Uganda," he said. He said when the war was at its peak, President Museveni was the only leader who spent months in the bushes flushing out rebels who had infiltrated many villages.

Mr Mirundi said the UPDF supplied medical and food supplies in the camps and fought alongside local militia to diminish the rebels. He accused opposition politicians of spreading "false information" about the war to discredit the government. "Many gallant soldiers lost their lives in the process. No other leader including Otunnu did anything to flush out Kony. If Otunnu had evidence about this war, where was he to bring it out when the people were dying or being maimed or being hunted out of their homes?" he asked.

Otunnu leaves

Mr Otunnu has been at the centre of controversy for accusing President Museveni of aiding the war in northern Uganda. He ignored police summons over the remarks and has now gone to the Constitutional Court asking it to interpret whether he should appear before police because he has no case to answer.

Meanwhile, Mr Otunnu yesterday left the country to attend special meetings in South Africa, the United States and Europe, according to Mr Joseph Bossa, the secretary general of UPC.