APRIL 26, 2010: Otunnu Links NRM to LRA

Otunnu Links NRM to LRA
SOURCE: Independent
The UPC president Olara Otunnu told the press last week that there is a link between President Yoweri Museveni, the NRM government and Joseph Kony's LRA insurgency that has rocked northern Uganda for over two decades.

"Museveni has been telling the people of Uganda a lot of lies about the war in northern Uganda particularly on who was responsible for keeping that war going. Museveni had an interest in sustaining the war which had begun before the LRA.

The person who wished to see the war continue was Museveni and the NRM government." "No body from northern Uganda or the opposition, not even elders and chiefs, nor Ugandans in the Diaspora wanted that war apart from one group- Museveni and NRM," he added.

"The war became a huge source of corruption which had a big issue with regard to ghost soldiers. Those soldiers were phenomenally developed particularly in the northern war because there were government ministers and army commanders who began to make lucrative money out of the continuation of the LRA war. The LRA war served as a very important alibi for postponement of key national demands," said Otunnu. He said Museveni used the war to justify why he could not allow Ugandans to have genuine multiparty democracy until 2005-06. Whenever Ugandans would ask for multiparty democracy or a federal system, Otunnu says, Museveni would say that could wait because the government was preoccupied with finishing the rebellion.

"There was the Luwero formula being applied in northern Uganda. This is a formula under which the NRA in Luwero would commit atrocities posing as government forces and then come back later wearing their own colours as NRA. This is the same formula they applied in northern Uganda where the NRA would commit atrocities and immediately come back and say this was committed by the other side. We can't say the LRA never committed atrocities on its own, but it was a convenient pretext for the government because they provided them cover to commit their atrocities; cutting off of lips. In Acholi Pii government forces killed and boiled human parts and immediately turned around and said, it was the LRA. This is what we call the Luwero formula," Otunnu claimed

"We know that taxpayer's money out of State House is going to Kony. The satellite communication system and airtime that Kony was using were provided by the government of Uganda. The LRA is facilitated by the State House. Let Museveni come and deny that the government of Uganda provided money, satellite communication and airtime to Kony. Museveni disowned his own Ruhakana Rugunda when the Juba peace process seemed to be moving somewhere. He suddenly said, I never authorised anybody to go and engage Kony. This clearly showed that he had no interest in ending that war. Museveni should try and tell the truth for the first time because I know it is fire to him," Otunnu further alleged.