APRIL 20, 2010: Ethics Minister Warns on Corruption

Ethics Minister Warns on Corruption
SOURCE: New Vision
By Patrick Opio
Kampala — THE ethics and integrity state minister, Nsaba Buturo, has urged Ugandans to demonstrate against corruption.

"We wish to see concerned citizens demonstrating in streets against corrupt practices in both private and public offices," Buturo said while addressing Apac district leaders last week.

He said corruption knows no colour, tribe, religion or political party. The minister added that whistleblowers would be given 5% of the money recovered from the fraudsters they report.

"The law is clear on the protection of whistleblowers against harassment by corrupt officials," he said.

Buturo blamed auditors for conniving with officers to swindle resources.

"I have no respect for auditors. Some of them simply help thieves account for stolen funds," he explained.

Buturo noted that corrupt officers are a threat to the development and stability of the nation.

"I am happy that the new Corruption Act includes even the private sector. We shall be able to check accountabilities and activities of civil society organisations," he said.

the minister said the country was facing a tragic situation as a result of corruption in public offices.
You occupy that office in public trust; you then fail to realise you are hurting your community by way of diverting resources," he said.

Buturo lamented the admiration people have for the corrupt because of stolen money spent in procuring expensive cars and houses.

The district chairman, Nicholas Bunga, called for concerted effort to fight corruption.

"We need to join hands in the fight against graft, irrespective of political differences. The development projects whose monies are stolen are meant to benefit the community," he said.

Bunga called for the implementation of corruption laws by graft fighting institutions.