APRIL 12, 2010: Police Chief Killed in LRA Ambush


Source: Missionary International Service News Agency (MISNA)

The police chief of Gangala na Bodio, a town in the Faradje territory in the Orientale province, not far from the border with the Central African Republic (CAR), was killed in an ambush by the Ugandan rebels of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army). Local sources referred to MISNA that the police chief was killed on Saturday while investigating an attack carried out by the group in the Sambia area. The sources also updated reports by UN aid workers on the Sambia attack, specifying that the 12 youths abducted by the LRA managed to escape the rebels, while one civilian and two rebels were killed in the violent exchange of fire between 5 soldiers and nine LRA members. The LRA, founded by Joseph Kony, fled Uganda after the failure of the peace process in 2008 to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has been active also in southern CAR for over a year and a half and South Sudan, leaving many dead and injured, and displacing scores.