APRIL 12, 2010: Army Kills 42 Cattle Rustlers in Kaabong

Army Kills 42 Cattle Rustlers in Kaabong
SOURCE: New Vision

By Olandason Wanyama

Kampala — The UPDF on Friday shot dead 42 suspected Jie warriors and recovered eight AK47 rifles in a mid-night gun battle in Kalapata sub-county in Kaabong district. One soldier was injured in the fire exchange.

However, the warriors succeeded in taking 1,600 head of cattle. Witnesses said about 150 suspected Jie warriors attacked Kalapata army protected kraal but were fought back by the UPDF.

Maria Adiak, 52, a resident, said 23 warriors were killed on the spot. "The following morning, we tracked their exit and found other 19 bodies lying in the bushes," she said.

The UPDF 3rd Division spokesperson, Capt. Henry Obbo, confirmed the incident.

"They attacked the army protected kraal in an effort to raid the 7,000 head of cattle under our protection.

"If bullet-riddled bodies were found in the bushes, then that could be true. They attacked a prepared force to raid animals that do not belong to them," he said.

Obbo said the army would establish the number of the dead. He explained that the army will continue protecting the lives and property of the Karimojong.

Obbo urged the Karimojong to hand over illegal guns and stop raids that have caused poverty in the sub-region. Meanwhile, the UPDF on Saturday night captured five suspected Pokot warriors in Namalu sub-county in Nakapiripirit district.

The army also recovered two guns from the raiders after ambushing them on the way to a raid.