Acholi Leaders Launch Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Publish Date: Sep 08, 2011

By Chris Ocowun

Acholi religious leaders have unveiled a five-year programme for social transformation in the sub-region. The programme focuses on combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which is reportedly on the rise among married couples and the youth in the post-war northern Uganda.

The leaders, under their umbrella organisation Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI), said their work was based on the belief that faith without actions was useless. They announced the strategy in a press statement on Monday.

They said in five years, they would strive to promote a united, effective and self-sustaining body capable of addressing the HIV/AIDS pandemic through prevention, treatment, care and social support.

We stand for moral uprightness by promoting the holy teachings in respect of service to humanity. The religious leaders shall put faith and spiritual conviction at the centre of all their interventions they noted.

According to the organisation's programme co-ordinator, Patrick Loum, the faith based organisation's strategy would target those at the risk of acquiring and spreading the disease.

These, they classified as the youth, married couples, widows, single mothers, sex workers, women with disabilities, orphans and street children.

The association plans to build common front strong institutional systems and structures that support effective delivery of services, Loum explained.

Peter Okwir, the organisation's project officer, said the institution comprises the Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, Islam, Pentecostal churches and the Seventh-Day Adventists Church.

Okwir said they would foster research and publication of various HIV/AIDS issues.