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ARLPI Governing Council
WHO WE ARE: The Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative (ARLPI) is an interfaith peace building and conflict transformation organization formed in 1997 as a proactive response to the conflict in Northern Uganda.
ARLPI brings together leaders of six different religious sects/denominations (Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, Pentecostal, & Seventh Day Adventist) and their respective constituencies to participate efectively in transforming conflicts in Northern Uganda and the surrounding region.

VISION: A peaceful and prosperous Uganda where people strive to co-exist harmoniously and work together to forge a spirit of national unity.

MISSION STATEMENT: ARLPI is an interfaith organization that works for peace and development by transforming violent conflict through dialogue, negotiation, mediation and reconciliation in order to promote sustainable peacebuilding and development in Northern Uganda.

GOAL: Produce a conducive environment for sustainable peace and development in Uganda.

AREAS OF OPERATION: ARLPI's programs are primarily conducted within the northern Ugandan districts of Amuru, Gulu, Kitgum, & Pader, although we are occassional involved in initiatives throughout Uganda and abroad.


ARLPI Secretariat
  • Advocated and contributed in the development of the Ugandan Amnesty Act.
  • Acted as peace observers and consultants to the Juba Peace Talks.
  • Brought the plight of war affected children to international attention by sleeping on the streets in solidarity with the night commuters (invisible children).
  • Achieved unity among religions to work together for peace. 
  • Changed attitudes of key actors towards nonviolent solutions to end the war.
  • International recognition for their credibility and labor for peace through awards such as: Niwano Peace Prize (Japan, 2004), Paul Carus Award (Spain, 2004), Peace Award of URI Africa (Ethiopia, 2008).

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