2014, End Of Year Peace Message


End of year peace prayer started way back in December 1998 in Kaunda Ground (Gulu), the matching were from all the corners of Gulu Town, some were from Ministry of works road, a good number from Juba road, another good number from Kampala road and some from Holy Rosary road who all converged to Kaunda Ground, in 2008 was conducted in Amuru Camp which was one of the biggest camp in Northern Uganda

The key Religious Leaders who participated by then included;

  • Retired Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng
  • The Late Bishop Lulugar
  • Retired Bishop Macleord Baker Ochola II
  • The late Sheik Seriko
  • Present Khadi Sheik Musa Khalil
  • Monsignor Mathew Odongo (the turn up was big when it was first started)

Participants came from all the four Faith Based Institutions including the local political leaders both from the District and Municipal i.e.

  • Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Orthodox
  • Muslim but currently Northern Uganda Mission of the Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) Acholi sub region and the Born Again Faith Federation (BAFFE) have become part of Institution to participate effectively in transforming conflict in Northern Uganda.

There was one with the theme “let my peoplego” when the Religious Leaders wanted people to leave the camp, so they started advocating for people living the camp, they took that from the experience of the Jews who were suffering from Egypt, they thought it was time for the people of Northern Uganda (the Acholi’s) to go back home.

In 2013, it was held at Anaka Town Council in Nwoya District with the theme: “Unity, Hope and Reconciliation”

In 2014, it was held at Pader Town Council in Pader District with the theme: “Promoting the Culture of Forgiveness & Reconciliation” Click on the link below to access the peace statement by the Religious Leaders 

End Of Year Peace Prayer Statement-English Version (PDF)